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Re-Elect Shaun Haines for Assembly District Delegate, AD17 San Francisco, CA, State Democratic January 12th, 2019

Like you, I’m fighting for a better future, for my family, friends, the community and for the health of our human society. 

Together, I have fought with you for social justice and progress in matters of human rights, civil rights, open government, public health and safety, homeless services, worker rights and workforce development, community heritage, and preservation.

I believe our leadership and goals must include the experience and support the remediation of those of us who have faced real-life hardships and real-life disparities which we know impact so many of us and those of our most vulnerable communities, denying us a seat at the table.  

We know that it is time to bring the voice and experience of all people, our neighbors, into our Democratic Party. Ensure our seat at the table and a place in our platform for those we know hardship, disparities, poverty, and homelessness. With your support, I intend to help us do that. 

My connection to every community within our city is special because, at some point, we have been neighbors. I was born in San Francisco at General Hospital, raised in and have lived all across our great city and county, yes – I’m a unicorn and like you, I am a fighter and have survived through great hardship and disparities. We share so many of the same concerns and values, and they often include:

How we will work to build stronger and safer communities with more affordable housing

How we will work to ensure our families are healthy

How we will work ensure access to an affordable education

How we will work to create new and accessible economic opportunities at livable wages, and…

How we will work to restore and grow our city’s cultural diversity, for everyone

San Francisco is booming!

According to city planners, by 2040 San Francisco will need nearly 200,000 new jobs created and 100,000 more housing units. Therefore, San Francisco will need leaders who are prepared to address smart growth with practical and consensus-building approaches without leaving behind our most vulnerable because they understand what being vulnerable feels like!

I maintain a critical eye on public policy, community affairs, social justice, and local politics.

Some of my top priorities include: 

Increasing Affordable Housing / Addressing Homelessness

Improving Education Resources and Increasing Economic Opportunities

Creating Community Centered Public Safety Programs

Growing and diversifying the leadership of our community

I am an Associate Member of our San Francisco Democratic Party (DCCC – Democratic Central Countee Committee), a former Delegate of our California State Democratic Committee, Founder and President San Francisco Black Community Matters – A Chartered San Francisco Democratic Club, founder and Executive Director of San Francisco Impact Partners – an organization focused on issues concerning poverty and homelessness.   

Because I have been dedicated to positively affecting our community in various positions of civic engagement and leadership. I have learned the importance of working collaboratively with a diversity of people and communities on issues affecting San Franciscans in every neighborhood.

I have sworn an oath. I will always march with you and help defend every community on our shared values.

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