Shaun Haines

a San Francisco Native

About Me

As queer person of color. Shaun has been working to help preserve the living community, culture, and heritage of the LGBTQ+ people of and beyond.   

Born at General Hospital, Shaun is a Native of San Francisco with roots across a broad spectrum of communities. Shaun identifies as Queer, and his pronouns are they, them, and we. Shaun is multi-racial with a heritage that is African, Haitian, and Indigenous.

Shaun’s track record of public service, advocacy, and political activism is extensive. While being impacted by poverty, homelessness, and the many brutalities of life, he would never give up. Mr. Haines has honored to be publicly recognized by the Mayor of and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, SF State Assembly Member, SF State Senator; by Tenderloin Pride, San Francisco Pride, the USDA, and Black Brothers Esteem with honors, awards, and certificates of recognition for his years of service to LGBTQ+ communities of San Francisco and other underrepresented demographics.

Shaun has been an Associate Member of the San Francisco Democratic Party for seven years and is the Founder of San Francisco Black Community Matters. Shaun is the Chairman of the Black Voices and Allies Leadership Committee and Comissioner, Our City Our Home Oversite Commitee. Former Director of Communications, Outreach, and Engagement for the Castro LGBTQ Cultural District. As such, Shaun understands how public policy and its various benefits and consequences have historically impacted low-income communities throughout all 11 supervisory districts.

Recent Experiences