New numbers show San Francisco has nation’s highest rents

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My perspective as a San Francisco Native is that this trend started at least 19 years ago. In the early 90’s, the first wave of San Francisco, long-time residents and natives evacuated the city in search of homes they could afford or cities in which their dollar would support their baseline needs. The wave became waves and grew in magnitude as the unsustainable {dot}{com} bubble exploded. Then, thousands of displaced workers suffered though years of economic strife and slowly migrated either back to their original states, or to Oakland  or further into the east and north bay areas.

This is a repeating cycle for San Francisco. It can be said that the new economy has lead to successive waves of exodus from “The City”. As with any exodus those that are leave take with it much of the pre-existing culture and history. San Francisco is loosing the the very thing that makes people loose their hearts here.