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  • February Membership Meeting: Monday, February 10, 2014, 6:30 – 8:00 PM
  • Co-Chair Column: Zoe Dunning — “A Seat at the Table”
  • “2013: Our Successes Are Not Done, and Our Successes Are Not Enough,” by Ron Flynn
  • “LGBT History and Context on our Unique 2014 Assembly Race,” by Reese Isbell
  • “Alice Looks West,” by Joel Engardio
  • February Member Profile: Shaun Haines
  • Alice February Happenings
  • Alice Looks Back at 2013 as We Look Forward to 2014! Photos.

February Member Profile

Shaun Haines
Alice Board, Communications Committee
As a San Francisco native, my roots have enabled me to form solid connections with various communities in our city. I know the people – many have become my extended family. From the Financial District to the Castro, the Mission to the Richmond, Haight Ashbury to the Excelsior, the Bayview to Fillmore, SoMa to the Sunset, Ingleside to Hayes Valley – where I live today in Lower Pacific Heights and beyond, this city will forever be a part of my heart.Our home and communities are evolving at exponential rates. The inequities of life for a multitude of minority groups of all ethnic and economic backgrounds have compelled me to get involved in shaping public policy. I have vowed to take an active role in our community to help guide its development. I joined Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic group to obtain a real world education with regards to the political process.

Vocationally my future is clear; I seek to extend my social reach and become a public servant in a role of leadership. The first steps on my journey have taught me many valuable lessons. It has been my calling to share these experiences. I hope to lead by example and to motivate a younger generation to participate in the political process and a focus on effecting positive changes in our society. I have committed my existence to working towards ensuring that a day will come that everyone is empowered and can enjoy freedom, equality, and justice.

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