No room for black gay progressives

by Kevin Bard

Kevin writes:

“If the black exodus out of San Francisco has taught us anything, it is that neglect has racist consequences. As it stands now, the African American population hovers around 6 percent, and nothing of substance is being done about it.”

Read the rest of Kevin’s story: http://ebar.com/openforum/opforum.php?sec=guest_op&id=457

Kevin and I became acquainted and formed a mutual bond of respect and collaboration.  We ran for San Francisco Pride’s Board of Directors in  August of 2013 alongside two other African American candidates.

Unfortunately, our SF LGBT communities and the general membership of SF PRIDE overwhelmingly voted against virtually every candidate of color.

The current Board of Directors of San Francisco Pride has yet to restore Black LGBT representation in the 43 year old organization. Former President Lisa Williams, Executive Director Earl Plante, I, and former board member Javarre Wilson – 2013 Black Leaders at SF Pride have each been displaced out of our former roles in the management, leadership and governance of the organization.

Today, with two Latinos and two women (one appointed February that is Asian) – the current BOD at SF PRIDE is predominately male and Caucasian.

The 2014 theme of San Francisco PRIDE celebration, ironically –  “Color Our World with Pride”