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Out at the age of 15, when I was bullied and scarred by my peers – I stood up. As my bike has been stolen three years consecutively just before my participation in recent Aids Life/Cycle’s – I stood up and continued to ride and raised over $15,000 by personally working with the community to organize events such as: Beer Busts, Performance Parties, Photo Shoot Parties, Dance Parties, and even Picnics in the Park. I was still able to overcome all the challenges and surpass my goals.

“The mission of the San Francisco Pride Celebration Committee is to educate the world, commemorate our heritage, celebrate our culture, and liberate our people.” I uphold our mission, not only at San Franciso Pride but in everyday practices. I educate the world through the medium of photography and journalism. I strive to document and preserve the rich diversity of San Francisco’s communities and cultural experiences. To celebrate our culture, I have participated and organized numerous activities that one can find represented in San Francisco’s pantheon of LGBT cultural events. To liberate our people, my primary vocation has become firmly rooted in both public service and community building. I have the resources to bring the people together and build new bridges between the LGBT community and Pride.

As San Francisco’s overall culture and diversity suffers under the threat of overwhelming waves of gentrification. San Francisco Pride should stand out as a leader in opposition to this devastating effect on our community. The preservation and equal representation of our diverse LGBT cultures and heritage is now of paramount importance and is vital to the future of San Francisco Pride. As a San Francisco native I’m here to help build the diversity within our LGBT community, to help to document our shared history for the next generation.

I stand before you our membership to repeat my vow to continue to work diligently and collaboratively with each and every of you. Let us build a future in which the problems are replaced by solutions. I am your advocate in our effort to overcome every obstacle that prevents San Francisco Pride from being accessible and inclusive. Your support and valued input has empowered me with confidence to return to the community of Pride. It will be a great honor for me to continue to and serve as a Board member elected by the General Membership of San Francisco Pride.

As a San Francisco native, my roots have enabled me to form solid connections with various communities in our city. I know the people – many have become my extended family.  It is from this base that I extend my reach into public service and community development.

In recent years, I have become, a Board Member of Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club serving on the Communications Committee, forced on Social Media Strategy. Project Manager for The Bayard Rustin LGBT Coalition of LGBT of politically active African Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area, focusing on Business Development. 2014/2015 Nominee and 2013 Board of Member of San Francisco Pride Board of Director, focused on preserving LGBT history, culture and building a diverse membership base. Journalist and published author of poetry. 3 year Aids LIFE/CYCLE cyclist and 5 year HIV activist.

  • Served on the SF Pride Member’s Ad Hoc Committee that produced recommendations on how to make the monthly Member’s Meeting more engaging for the membership and more useful to the organization.
  • I established a partnership between Pridestache  and SF Pride. $5 from every purchase of a Pridestache goes directly to SFpride.org to help all of their LGBT community efforts.
  • Photo documentation of Faerie Freedom village and of Faerie Spaces.

Thank you.

I hope to lead by example and to motivate others in my community to participate in effecting positive change in our society.

Shaun Haines

The quickest route to failure is not to try. S.H.H.