Exerpts from Real Talk: What Now? Mobilizing over the next 4 years,

aada3-1ubmhf1nfk_ybjmc8yc7osaSan Francisco community comes out in force to talk about Trump & how to be an activist — San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

“Shaun Haines, a multicultural Black and Native American panelist with Muslim heritage, also cited an increased worry about personal safety and racially-motivated crime and discrimination. “I know in the Haight there were signs representing the KKK. Walking around as an African American man, it’s a challenge.”

“Haines said that he does yoga and energy work like chanting. He also emphasized the importance of more personal contact, like hugging.”

“When I hug and kiss you, it’s because I need that love,” he said.

“Be kind to yourself and forgive yourself,” Siever said. “If you don’t forgive yourself, you’ll burn out.”

“Direct person-to-person contact is how you will change hearts and minds,” said Haines

Strut panel talks healing during Trump era

Published 01/26/2017

by David-Elijah Nahmod

Shaun has overcome great adversities such as homelessness at age 19. As an African American Gay man, Shaun fights for all San Franciscans but especially those who feel locked out of the system rejected and marginalized.

Believe we can connect on issues important to San Franciscans?

Let’s work together.

To become involved in making a difference.


Like you, I’m fighting for a better future, for my family, the community and for the health of our human society.  Together, I have fought with you for justice and progress in matters of; social justice, human rights, civil rights, open government, public health and safety, homeless services, worker rights and workforce development, community heritage, and preservation.

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