Social Justice, Police Accountability, and Community Patrols

I have had the privilege and honor to engaged students of the Juvenile Justice Center and San Francisco Police Academy Cadets as well as serve on our an advisory committee to the Police Cheif and various police accountability groups.




“Activist Shaun Haines, a gay man who’s founder and president of SF Black Community Matters, asked the panel how the city was responding to the increased activity by the Ku Klux Klan, including distribution of literature and motorcyclists “with hoodies and hats” riding through the Western Addition, carrying flags with swastikas.

Full Story: Police offer tips to report hate crimes

Published 01/12/2017

by Sari Staver Bay Area Reporter

I accepted an appointment the San Francisco Police Departments Chief’s LGBT Advisory Forum — A voluntary forum comprised of unpaid community leaders, organizers, and volunteers who provide a vital liaison between the city-wide LGBT community and the Chief of the San Francisco Police Department.



We’re working to inspire greater community involvement in public safety for our LGBT community and beyond. We’re going to start recruiting. We need Trans-identified, women, and gender non conforming folk and more community leaders of color to help us get the job done. Will you join us? 


Permanent Member of the San Francisco Police Department Chief’s LGBT Advisory Forum


cuffed “Far too often people of Color and LGBT communities suffer indignities while a majority of people, who aren’t a part of traditional minority groups, often enjoy a privilege of respect and often given a free pass that is counter-intuitive to the deliverance of true and unprejudiced justice. Our civil liberties, rights, freedoms and indeed our very lives should be not be trivialized or jeopardize by our justice system which is why I seek to create a better balance in these systems so that they become diverse, inclusive and

I have experienced my own brush with local law enforcement. The experience left me feeling dehumanized, angry and has made me reluctant to fully trust a system that is purposed to “Protect and Serve” because they have far too often done quite the polar opposite.”

Full Story: Injustice: Protect and Serve

by Shaun Haines

Like many of my friends, I am disturbed by the events in Ferguson. The situation of police harassment, abuse, brutality and unjustified manslaughter in this country is rampant and needs to end.

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