Leading through Struggles To make an impact

To make the largest possible impact, I work to represent the socially marginalized and economically impacted because throughout my life I, too, have been socially marginalized and impacted. My life has been full of challenges and obstacles that I repeatedly overcame. That includes homelessness and displacement from home and community. That includes workplace discrimination, sexualContinue reading “Leading through Struggles To make an impact”

Born and Raise, Here to Stay

My roots in the city have enabled me to form solid connections. To the Bears, Sisters, Fairies, Techies, Hipsters, Missionites, the Leather communities, and my newest friends in San Francisco’s political circles and more, I say this: you have become my extended family. From the Financial District to the Castro, the Mission to the Richmond,Continue reading “Born and Raise, Here to Stay”

Why we need to break down the exclusivity of the Democratic Party.

To create a Democratic Party that feels inclusive, new representatives in our leadership must illustrate that they understand the consequences of our party politics, policies and resolutions on the most vulnerable people in our society. For the democratic party to truly be the “party of the people” we must also stop expecting to receive supportContinue reading “Why we need to break down the exclusivity of the Democratic Party.”