img_1805-1I just shared a remarkable conversation with a 37 year SF resident. A Pleasant white-haired woman in her sixties. She shared with me her intent to see the movie Detroit in the Castro. She asked if I had watched it. I introduced myself as the President of an African American Democratic club.

She smirked and introduced herself and we began to talk about the film. I informed her, to her disappointment, that she was in for a violence fest and a story that lacked any connection to the community or its struggle for justice.

Seated at a bus sheltered from the rain this single olde white lady began to share the details of her life. I learned that she feels invisible and that she can feel the tension between communities of color and longstanding residents and the new economic elite.

We shared concerns, as she stated, she wants to leave to New York – where she’s from and is currently planning to return. I shared that I’m a native of San Francisco. I learn I live around the corner from where she used to teach children and how much she loved the diversity of the Mission.

She asked, “what is there here for me when we live in a world that caters to one economic, age and racial demographic? I didn’t have an answer for her. She asked if I felt there was any hope. I told her that everything I work on with the community gives me hope.

| #HainesForSF | Shaun Haines 力是亮

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