District 8 is a part of the 17th Assembly District where I am running to serve you on our Democratic Party Central County Committee. I have a lifetime of experience in the District 8 community.

I am running to represent San Franciscans as a member of the DCCC – 17th Assembly District. As a native of San Francisco, I live, work, and have engaged in grassroots progressive activism to address some of our biggest problems. Focusing on and addressing the issues for everyone – from those of us living on our streets to those of us safe and secure in our housing.

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Election Day March 3rd. 2020

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My connection to every community within our city is special because, at some point, we have been neighbors. I was born in San Francisco at General Hospital, raised in and have lived all across our great city and county, yes – I’m a unicorn and like you, I am a fighter and have survived through great hardship and disparities. We share so many of the same concerns and values, and they often include:

Homeless and Public Safety

Community Development and Retail Vacancies

Cultural Gentrification

District 8

Serving 7 years as an Associate Member of our San Francisco Democratic Party (DCCC – Democratic Central County Committee), a former Delegate of our California State Democratic Committee, Founder and President San Francisco Black Community Matters – A Chartered San Francisco Democratic Club, founder and Executive Director of San Francisco Impact Partners – an organization focused on issues concerning poverty and homelessness.   

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(SF DCCC) Presidential Primary Election – March 3, 2020

For years, I have worked to address our concerns around voter outreach in undeserved communities, education on anti-racism, diversity, equity and inclusion.  I have worked to help prepare the next generation for leadership while fighting against Trump and the GOP.