Member Police Cheif LGBT Advisory Forum

Shaun is an Associate Member of the San Francisco Democratic Party founder and current President of San Francisco Black Community Matters. As such Shaun understands how public policy and its various benefits and consequences have historically impacted low-income communities throughout all of San Francisco’s 11 supervisory districts, and, ostensibly our entire Bay Area region.

Born at San Francisco General Hospital, Shaun is a Native of San Francisco that is deeply rooted in communities of Districts 10, 59 and 11 where he has lived for significant portions of his life. Though his activism, Mr. Haines also engages the community extensively in Districts 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. Shaun Haines has a keen and critical eye on public policy, community interests, social justice work. His goals are to affect the remediation of the disparities in communities that are most in need.

Former Member Human Rights Committee

Shaun’s track record of public service, advocacy, and political activism is extensive. In 2015 Shaun won a seat in the California Democratic Party as an Assembly Delegate for District 19 for the 2015-2017 term period. He currently lives in the 17th Assembly District where he serves on the African American Advisory Committee of the 17th  Assembly District. Shaun has been a candidate for San Francisco Democratic Central County Committee and Assembly Delegate both respectively to represent Assembly District 17.



Shaun is very active in LGBT, African American, and Latino/(a) political and community organizations of San Francisco. Shaun is a former member of the San Francisco

Endorsement Meeting

Human Rights Commission LGBT Advisory Committee – focused on homelessness and housing and former member of the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force. He is currently a Permanent Member of the San Francisco Police Department Chief’s LGBT Advisory Forum. Shaun is an active Speaker representing the San Francisco LGBT Speakers Bureau and Diversity Trainer for New Leaders Council of San Francisco – a Political and Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute.


Former Commissioner Sunshine Task Force Ordinance

Through this agency and his personal projects, Shaun actively engages San Francisco Unified School District and City College Students and Juvenile Hall Justice Center on the social and political activism issues of our day.  Shaun also serves on the organizing committee of the Generation Black LGBT Event Planning Committee and on the Advisory Committee of Sacred Space and the SF LGBT History Museum. Mr. Haines has been a contributing writer for the San Francisco Bay Times News Paper and is currently a contributing writer with Arise 2.0.