eefc5-06wdzzqaekcyoobzbI was born and raised in the great city and county of San Francisco. My community roots are deep within this city, so I fully understand San Francisco’s Democratic values. Our shared values include building strong families, providing a good education, creating new opportunities, and working to maintain and grow our city’s diversity.

My top priorities include:

  • Restoring the Black Community
  • Affordable Housing / Homelessness
  • Quality Education
  • Accountable Public Safety

809xCuGGI have dedicated myself to positively affecting our community in various positions of civic engagement and leadership. I have learned the importance of working collaboratively with diverse groups on key issues affecting San Franciscans:

  • Government Transparency
  • HIV Awareness and Health Education
  • Human and Civil Rights Advocacy
  • Veteran’s Services Advocacy

Open Government & Information Access

  • Advocate for greater public access to government information
  • Promote networking between related community resources
  • Advocate for greater accountability and transparency public processes

Restorative Justice & Essential Resources Allocation

  • Support a restorative justice framework
  • Advocate for strategic reallocation of essential public resources
  • Advocate for greater equity and diversity in appointed and elected leadership

Social Services Adjustments & Negative Impact Recover

  • Advocate for adjustments in social service to match economic conditions
  • Create resources to help residents recover from negative economic impacts
  • Use economic progress to effect the remediation of quality of life disparities

Human Rights & Social Justice

  • Advocate for human rights and protection of all of our residents
  • Advocate reform in justice systems through greater community involvement
  • Advocate decriminalization of impoverished communities