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Born at San Francisco General Hospital, Shaun is a Native of San Francisco that is deeply rooted in communities of Districts  5, 9 and 11 where he has lived for significant portions of his life.

Though his activism, Mr. Haines also engages the community extensively in Districts 6, 8, and 10 – the east side of San Francisco. Shaun Haines has a keen and critical eye on public policy, community interests, social justice work. His goals are to affect the remediation of the disparities in communities that are most in need.

Shaun has been an Associate Member of the San Francisco Democratic Party founder for 7 years and is the current President of San Francisco Black Community Matters. As such Shaun understands how public policy and its various benefits and consequences have historically impacted low-income communities throughout all of San Francisco’s 11 supervisory districts, and, ostensibly our entire Bay Area region.

Shaun has been publicly recognized with a Certificates of Honor from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Certificate of Honor from Board President London Breed,  Assembly Member David Chiu and Senator Scott Wiener for his work in organizing important events in undeserved communities; and by San Francisco Pride Board with a Heritage of Pride Community Award for outstanding service to the LGBT communities, and a Nia (Purpose Award) from Black Brothers Esteem for service and commitment to the needs of the community. 

The Kwanza Principal Nia stands for: “To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness.”

Shaun’s track record of public service, advocacy, and political activism is extensive. In 2015 Shaun won a seat in the California Democratic Party as an Assembly Delegate for District for the 2015-2017 term period. He currently lives in the 17th Assembly District where he serves on the African American Advisory Committee of the 17th  Assembly District. Shaun has been a candidate for San Francisco Democratic Central County Committee and Assembly Delegate both respectively to represent Assembly District 17.

Shaun is very active in various community organizations of San Francisco. Shaun is a former member of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission LGBT Advisory Committee – focused on homelessness and housing and former member of the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force. He is currently a Permanent Member of the San Francisco Police Department Chief’s LGBT Advisory Forum. Shaun is an active Speaker representing the San Francisco LGBT Speakers Bureau and Diversity Trainer for New Leaders Council of San Francisco – a Political and Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute.

Endorsement Alert: Shaun Haines 力是亮 For DCCC 2020 is proud to announce that our candidacy has received the support of Kimberly Ellis. Like Kimberly, a former candidate for the CA State Democratic Party Chair – Shaun’s has been working to address the major challenges in our party around race, class, sex and privilege and how that makes this party an unsafe place for women, minorities and those from lower economics. Shaun and Kimberly’s work has been to address that.
I first met Kimberly at Convention in 2015 after narrowly winning a seat as a delegate. I’ve been a constant supporter of Kimberly as she has been one of my top supporters. As a man of Emerge, I recognize the value in having strong women mentors like Kimberly.
 Former Member Human Rights Commission Advisory Committee
Former Commissioner Sunshine Task Force Ordinance

Workforce and Economic Development Committee

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