Exerpts from Real Talk: What Now? Mobilizing over the next 4 years,

San Francisco community comes out in force to talk about Trump & how to be an activist — San Francisco AIDS Foundation. “Shaun Haines, a multicultural Black and Native American panelist with Muslim heritage, also cited an increased worry about personal safety and racially-motivated crime and discrimination. “I know in the Haight there were signs representing theContinue reading “Exerpts from Real Talk: What Now? Mobilizing over the next 4 years,”

Social Justice, Police Accountability, and Community Patrols

I have had the privilege and honor to engaged students of the Juvenile Justice Center and San Francisco Police Academy Cadets as well as serve on our an advisory committee to the Police Cheif and various police accountability groups.       “Activist Shaun Haines, a gay man who’s founder and president of SF BlackContinue reading “Social Justice, Police Accountability, and Community Patrols”

Running for Democratic Party Leadership

San Francisco Democratic Central County Committee By Shaun Haines SAN FRANCISCO, CA (12/15)- Shaun Haines, has pulled papers to seek one of the 17th Assembly District DCCC seats. A native San Franciscan who is African American, Haines in May was appointed to serve on the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance Task Force and also sits onContinue reading “Running for Democratic Party Leadership”

Bay Times Article: “Shaun in San Francisco!”

Please read: “Shaun in San Francisco” My roots in the city have enabled me to form solid connections. To the Bears, Sisters, Fairies, Techies, Hipsters, Missionites, the Leather communities, and my newest friends in San Francisco’s political circles and more, I say this: you have become my extended family. From the Financial District to theContinue reading “Bay Times Article: “Shaun in San Francisco!””