We must come together to address the problems that affect our city and our people and the Democracy of the United States of America.

My connection to every community within our city is special because, at some point, we have been neighbors. I was born in San Francisco at General Hospital, raised in and have lived all across our great city and county, yes – I’m a unicorn and like you, I am a fighter and have survived through great hardship and disparities. We share so many of the same concerns and values, and they often include:

How we will work to build stronger and safer communities with more affordable housing

How we will work to ensure our families are healthy

How we will work ensure access to an affordable education

How we will work to create new and accessible economic opportunities at livable wages, and…

How we will work to restore and grow our city’s cultural diversity, for everyone.

Together we can build a brighter future for all San Franciscans! 

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