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Shaun has been publicly recognized with a Certificates of Honor from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for his work in organizing supportive services in undeserved communities.

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London Breed      – Mayor

Endorsement Alert: Shaun Haines 力是亮 For DCCC 2020 is proud to announce that our candidacy has received the support of Mayor London Breed 倫敦.布里德.

Like our Mayor, I am a native of SF that grew up in District 5. I am proud of this, my third political endorsement over 7 years from the time she was my Supervisor.

London has been a consistent supporter and she recognizes the value of bringing in underrepresented experiences into the leadership of the DCCC.

Beyond the labels of progressive v.s moderate – she sees me for who I am and what I’ve been through and knows that the courage to persevere through hardships like homelessness and still be a mover and shaker is something we need in our political leadership.

No obstacle has ever shut me down and despite every challenge I have made valuable contributions to this city.

Thank you for your support!

Malia Cohen             

Endorsement Alert: Shaun Haines 力是亮 For DCCC 2020 is proud to announce that our candidacy has received the support of Malia Cohen 郭嫻 – Chair of the California State Board of Equalization, Former Board of Supervisors President and District 10 Supervisor. I learned a lot from Malia over the years. Like how to captivate an audience with words. Keeping it short and sweet. Malia always reminds me – “you have got to be ON at all times”. Thanks for keeping me on my toes and for your support.

Fiona Ma                 

Endorsement Alert: Shaun Haines 力是亮 For DCCC 2020 is proud to announce that our candidacy has received the support of Fiona Ma, California State Treasurer. Grateful to have repeat endorsements. Every-time is like the first time. A hard worker recognizes a hard worker. Fiona recognizes my dedication and commitment to San Francisco and to fundamentally changing the San Francisco Democratic Party. We fight tirelessly for the people but we also know how to have a good time after a long day of service!

Ivy Lee                   

Alex Randolph 

Endorsement Alert: Shaun Haines 力是亮 For DCCC 2020 is proud to announce that our candidacy has received the support of Alex Randolph City College Board of Trustees President.

One day we will see more queer men (and women) of color in our political leadership. We fight for representation not just because we’re queer and or color but because we know first-hand how difficult it is for queer men of color to be empowered to represent from a position of knowledge – not assumption.

Thank you for your support!

Shaun Has been previously endorsed by:

  • Members of the Board of Supervisors
  • Members of the San Francisco Board of Education
  • Members of the City College Board of San Francisco
  • Former Members of the San Francisco Democratic Central County Committee
  • Several other elected officials and community leaders.
  • Several San Francisco Democratic Clubs
  • Two major San Francisco News Papers

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Community Leaders:

Kimberly Ellis, J.D. – Founder – Unbought Unbossed

Ken Jones

Cecilia Chung – Civil Rights Leader

Roma Guy LGBT- and Women’s-Rights Rctivist

Andrea Shorter – Commissioner – Status of Women

Alex U. Inn

Tommi Avicolli Mecca

Johnson Hor

Mia Satya

Karen Fleshman, Esq.

I endorse Shaun Haines because…:

” He cares for the community. I met him awhile back when I was w Local 22, and met him via Leadership SF events. He is a SF Native who wants to see SF prosper for all who live, work, and visit. It’s a tough job, but he’s been in the trenches and has the know how with the pull up the sleeves attitude to get things accomplished. “

Johnson Hor


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As a result of the widespread social injustice, and inequality. I can no longer stand idly by. I have announced that I am running for the opportunity to represent you and all San Franciscans.

Will you help me to become your member of the SF Democratic Central County Committee (DCCC) – 17th Assembly District?

Can I count on you?

Help Elect @HainesForSF Candidate for #SF #DCCC 17th Assembly District

Vote #HainesForSF by
March 3rd, 2020 ✅


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Shaun Haines

Text Squad to 66599 for our goals.


Serving 7 years as an Associate Member of our San Francisco Democratic Party (DCCC – Democratic Central County Committee), a former Delegate of our California State Democratic Committee, Founder and President San Francisco Black Community Matters – A Chartered San Francisco Democratic Club, founder and Executive Director of San Francisco Impact Partners – an organization focused on issues concerning poverty and homelessness.   

I am proud of my service in the Democratic Party of San Francisco and the work we are doing together on issues like education, public safety, voter empowerment, housing and homelessness.

Most importantly, I am proud of my work to grow our democratic party by focusing on bringing in underrepresented voices and communities into positions of leadership. Building a stronger, more diverse and more united Democratic Party for all!
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