Prep Supports YOU!

February is Black History Month and with great honor I stand with our friends and family. Together our purpose is to strengthen the community with safety dignity and opportunity for all. Check us out promoting awareness on local bill boards and busses around town. I’m proud of us.

WANTED: Shaun Haines

I’m a social justice fugitive and there’s a warrant out for my arrest! With just $5, will you bail me out to help our community stand strong?

My crime: Ensuring safety, dignity, and opportunity for ALL. To that end, I’m here to recruit you. In many organizations I serve, we’re helping to create jobs, improving our safety, and restoring dignity to our families. Fight with me preserve our city’s vibrant heritage, culture, diversity, and spaces. As community OUTLAWS, together we’ll help San Franciscans succeed. Are you with us? Ducal Jail for Bail

Donate for Bail:

All proceeds benefit organizations that help create safety, dignity and opportunity:

Larkin Street Youth Services

Success Center SF


Castro Country Club

Raphael House of San Francisco

Invitation: LGBTQ Strategy- Economic Opportunity & Equity- Prioritization

I’d like to invite you to our next Working Group Forum for the Cultural Heritage Strategy (CHS).

Working Group Forum: Prioritizing Economic Recommendations

Please save the date: February 12th, 5:30-7:00, 1650 Mission st. 4th Floor. LGBTQ Strategy- Economic Opportunity & Equity- Prioritization

At this Working Group, we will take the recommendations from Forums 1 & 2 and the data from the CHS survey and distill our recommendations to 3-5 specific strategies.

Help us recruit by spreading the word.