January 12th | 10 AM Women’s Building Re-Elect @HainesForSF Assembly Delegate #AD17 #SF

January 12th | 10 AM

Women’s Building

3543 18th St #8, San Francisco, CA 94110

Text :|: H4SF to the number 55222 for info and RSVP #HainesForSF

2019 Re-Elect @HainesForSF Assembly Delegate

#AD17 #SF

Most people don’t know my first ADEM election was won after I lost my home.

I attended the convention without a penny to my name. I represented those concerns and our values by attending every caucus meeting I could and supported people who deserved a seat at the table. I voted on issues that affect our city and state.

No one knew how hard I worked to be there and the sacrifices it took.

It wasn’t easy. I wasn’t there to party, I meant business and while everyone could drink and make merry. I took the opportunity to learn and to represent for those that couldn’t find or make a way there.

My first ADEM two years prior, I couldn’t afford a day pass. A black security guard, a woman, saw my light and snuck me on to the voting floor. She understood what being in the room meant. She understood what having a seat at the table means. We know that having our voice on the issues matters in making the change.

Believe we can connect on issues important to San Franciscans?

Let’s work together.

Like you, I’m fighting for a better future, for my family, friends, the community and for the health of our human society.  

Together, I have fought with you for social justice and progress in matters of human rights, civil rights, open government, public health and safety, homeless services, worker rights and workforce development, community heritage, and preservation.

I believe our leadership and goals must include the experience and support the remediation of those of us who have faced real-life hardships and real-life disparities which we know impact so many of us and those of our most vulnerable communities, denying us a seat at the table.

We know that it is time to bring the voice and experience of all people, our neighbors, into our Democratic Party. Ensure our seat at the table and a place in our platform for those we know hardship, disparities, poverty, and homelessness. With your support, I intend to help us do that.

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January 12th | 2019 Re-Elect @HainesForSF Assembly Delegate #AD17 #SF, #CA Democratic Party

Text :|: H4SF to the number 55222 for info and RSVP #HainesForSF

Believe we can connect on issues important in our cit?

Go2: shaunhaines.net/