Bay Times Article: “San Francisco, Where Are We Going?”

 The city I love, and the people that make San Francisco a place to leave one’s heart, are going away. Where are we headed? Some of us, a prevailing minority, are “moving on up” and replacing the rest, a diminishing majority who are headed “down and out.” I’ve heard this problem labeled as an “affordabilityContinue reading “Bay Times Article: “San Francisco, Where Are We Going?””

Bay Times Article: “Shaun in San Francisco!”

Please read: “Shaun in San Francisco” My roots in the city have enabled me to form solid connections. To the Bears, Sisters, Fairies, Techies, Hipsters, Missionites, the Leather communities, and my newest friends in San Francisco’s political circles and more, I say this: you have become my extended family. From the Financial District to theContinue reading “Bay Times Article: “Shaun in San Francisco!””