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26229752_10160012527980624_5800938356647670194_nI am honored to report that I’ve been invited to continue my HIV activism and AIDS awareness advocacy. I’ve been asked to join a Prep commercial campaign — closing the circle between frequent testing and preventative action. Together we can end HIV/AIDS.
I’m especially happy that with DREAAM ProjectBlack Brothers Esteem – BBE and TRANS: THRIVE along with SFDPH and other valuable community resource networks I’ll be helping to educate a wide audience in San Francisco about Prep, and HIV. This year watching fathers and mothers of color bring their children to our tabling events was the highlight of many of my days. Did you know that Black women are the fastest growing population of new HIV infections?

Together with other HIV health access networks, we are collaborating on Black Aids Awareness Day, February 7th, 2018. Our focus is on family and community. 

Image may contain: 11 people, people smiling, people standingEnding 2016 I was officially trained to speak to SFUSD students about LGBT experiences. Ready to address stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination and to dispel myths thereby changing young minds!


November marked my 1 year anniversary and I enjoyed it by spending it welcoming the 2018 cohort of the SF LGBTQ Speakers Bureau Group. It’s been such a great honor to participate in this program this year engaging students in SFUSD and our juvenile detention center. Discussing real-world issues through an LGBT lens helps our youth and young adults to be open-minded and accepting of others and we need more of that in our society.

Stay tuned for 40th Anniversary Celebrations.

The Speakers Bureau was founded in 1978 by Tom Ammiano and Hank Wilson in direct response to the successful defeat of the Briggs’ Initiative. Ammiano and Wilson, both gay school teachers with the SFUSD at that time, believed that the only way to help stop homophobic violence was to humanize queer people to students.


Learn about the LGBQT Leather Cultural District Proposed For SoMa. I’m proud to be serving on the Leather District community group dedicated to such work. “Along with preserving the cultural nightlife history of the neighborhood, the district would also recognize the area’s significance as a refuge for LGBTQ seniors and people living with HIV.”

What does it mean to be LGBTQ in San Francisco? In coalition with various agencies, we’re answering the question and creating resources to protect our heritage and future. Will you join us? Learn more: LGBTQ Cultural Heritage Strategy!



I serve on the SF Planning Commissions LGBOur focus is to ensure that our communities and histories are preserved for generations to come. At a time when we are at great risk, I feel that it is imperative that we come together. It important to take and share this survey!